Nottingham Women’s Centre was established during the second wave of feminism, in 1971. You can find the NWC Library on the top floor. We pride ourselves on offering a safe haven for the women of Nottingham, where one can sit in the peace and quiet and read of great women. The shelves are filled to the brim with female authored books, both fiction and non fiction. It is an inspiring, supportive place to be.

We also are home to a vast array of archives, sheltered in the back room of the library. You can hear women’s voices in records, paperwork, magazine articles and much more. Our volunteers are dedicated to shepherding, cultivating and curating these documents, as they represent our history in its most honest, raw form.

With the COVID restrictions, our library will remain closed for the foreseeable months. We miss our books and the NWC family, so this is our way of reaching out, and ensuring we remain a close knit community!

Nottingham Women’s Centre
30 Chaucer Street
Nottingham, NG1 5LP